About Us

We are

a B.C.-based non-profit society that aims to revitalize a culture of self-cultivation, environmental stewardship, and sharing of love.


Our purposes are

(a) To seek and implement a way of living that achieves harmony between human and nature, and people and people;

(b) To raise awareness and educate the public on the issues of environment degradation, dehumanisation, and other disorientations of the humanity;

(c) To practice and teach organic farming as a means to rehabilitate the environment, address poverty, increase food security, and build organic communities;

(d) To research and promote technologies that are affordable, sustainable, and feasible for marginalized communities, regions, and countries;

(e) To restore and enhance the natural state of people’s physical and mental being through meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, and other practices;

(f) To volunteer and donate for people in disaster, poverty, or other distresses; and

(g) To enhance friendship among and happiness within the members through its activities.