Sarm Natural Farming

Sarm Natural Farming

Sarm Natural Farming was founded in 2018 with the intention to establish a system of farming that is (1) high yield (2) high quality (3) sustainable (4) near-zero cost and (5) knowledge belongs to the farmers. It is not a set of fixed knowledges but rather an open and evolving system willing to embrace any technology that suits our purpose.


Heal the Soil

Farming can and should be a tool to regenerate the soil and reverse the environmental degradation that we are committing.

Heal the People

A farmer should cultivate not only the soil but also the soul. A sound farming practice will produce food that is medicine and help people regain their natural vigor.


Help the Poor

When farmers can produce at near-zero costs and have the knowledge to self-produce all inputs necessary for farming, they can use farming to escape poverty.